Now a UNESCO site

We’re excited and honoured that as of November 17, 2015 UNESCO has made 120 Global Geoparks (including the TRGG) official UNESCO sites.

Geopark Designated

On September 23rd, 2014 the Tumbler Ridge Geopark became a Global Geopark, supported by UNESCO.

UNESCO Press Release

Tumbler Ridge Press Release

CBC Radio interview


Geopark funding announcement interview

Our Leadership & Direction
Thomas Clark


Sue Kenny

Past President

Steven Tory


Sarah Waters

Executive Director

Roxanne Gulick


Marsha Dufresne


Larry White


Boyd Clark


Birgit Sharman

Vice President

April Moi


Who we are


The Tumbler Ridge Global Geopark Society (TRGGS) is led by a Board of Directors, which evolved from a Steering Committee and Executive, once known as the Tumbler Ridge Aspiring Geopark Society.  It is incorporated as a registered not-for-profit society in the province of British Columbia, with its own constitution and bylaws, with scientific advisors in geology, paleontology and archaeology.

Board of Directors:

  • April Moi
  • Birgit Sharman
  • Boyd Clark
  • Larry White
  • Marsha Dufresne
  • Roxanne Gulick
  • Steve Tory
  • Sue Kenny
  • Thomas Clark


Local scientific advisors include:

  • Kevin Sharman (Geology)
  • Craig Waters (Archaeology)
  • Sarah Waters (Archaeology)


Remote scientific advisors include:

“Determine never to be idle. No person will have occasion to complain of the want of time, who never loses any. It is wonderful how much may be done, if we are always doing.”
― Thomas Jefferson
Tourism Goals
  1. Increase the length of stay of existing visitors.

  2. Increase the number of visitors focusing on those people who visit outside of the main events which are typically at capacity, such as the Geopark event Emperors’ Challenge and Grizfest.

  3. Increase the number of higher-yield visitors.

History of an Aspiring Geopark
Letters of Support

Kareana Jensen is a classical composer from Tumbler Ridge.  Sufficiently inspired by the grandeur of the geology and the Geopark concept to write music specific to these themes. “Kinuseo Falls” is one of her best-known pieces, in which, with a little imagination, the waters of the Murray River can be heard accelerating, tumbling over this magnificent waterfall, and subsiding in the pool below.

Tumbler Ridge Aspiring Geopark Symposium
Informational Brochures
Our Application

The application sent by the Tumbler Ridge Aspiring Geopark to the Global Geoparks Network to become a member of this network.  At the time there were close to 100 Global Geoparks, including one in North America (Stonehammer) and one in South America (Araripe in Brazil).

2013 Innovator Award from Northern BC Tourism.
Tumbler Ridge Aspiring Geopark Steering Committee wins Innovator award from Northern BC Tourism
Tumbler Ridge Aspiring Geopark Steering Committee wins Innovator award from Northern BC Tourism
Our Partners


Industry representatives:

  • Coal mines (Anglo American, HD Mining, Teck Corporation, Conuma Coal)
  • Natural Gas (CNRL, Talisman, Spectra etc.)
  • Wind Energy (Capital Power, etc.)
  • Forestry (West Fraser, Canfor etc.)

Educational institutions:

  • University of Northern British Columbia
  • Tumbler Ridge Campus of the Northern Lights College
  • School District #59: Tumbler Ridge Secondary School, Tumbler Ridge Elementary School
  • Tumbler Ridge Chamber of Commerce

Tourism operators:

Direct Operators:

Trend Mountain Hotel and Conference Centre
Ridge Rotors
The TR Hotel
Action Play Cafe
Wild River Adventure Tours