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Education is one of the Pillars on which our Geopark stands.

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Our Commitment to Education


The TRMF‘s Peace Region Palaeontology Research Centre is a centre of excellence for vertebrate palaeontology research. This is the only museum in British Columbia dedicated to vertebrate palaeontology and is recognized nationally and internationally. It is staffed by two permanent qualified palaeontologists, and as many support staff as funding allows. It includes a substantial collections area, preparation laboratory, library, etc. The list of research publications is available here. This facility is just less than 2500 square metres and includes the nearly 600 square metre public interpretive “Dinosaur Discovery Gallery“.

Dinosaur Discovery Gallery

Learning in the Geopark is very important to us.  It wouldn’t be possible without strong regional and local political support, industry support, dedicated scientists, and passionate volunteers who drive the Geopark.  Because of these groups and individuals we have some amazing opportunities for education of all sorts.

The Dinosaur Discovery Gallery currently displays one large, main gallery exhibit interpreting dinosaur tracks and their makers from the mid-Cretaceous (~100mya). The main exhibit is supported by four large specimen display cases containing original specimens of dinosaur and bird tracks as well as contemporaneous fossil plant specimens from the region. Four backlit displays and two LCD displays provide additional information pertaining to the geology and paleogeography of this time period, as well as information on dinosaur and bird tracks and the difference between flowering and non-flowering plants.

A wheelchair accessible 20 person theatre allows visitors to self-explore several hours of local, national and international documentaries and television.

Programs for Kids
Kids digging for fossils at TRMF

The Dinosaur Discovery Gallery regularly hosts educational Dino Camps for kids, and programs for school groups.

Kids learning advanced paleontology techniques

Educational Sites

Suitable for classes of all ages

A Brief History of Tumbler Ridge

The ebb and flow of a Seaway